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Zach's Shack. Gourmet hot dogs in a bar setting are the rule, in this grown-ups only place that appeals to the kid in all of us. Most dogs are around $4 or under, or you can build your own from a list that includes: olives, Jalapenos, peperoncini, salsa, cucumbers, sour cream, green relish, red relish, dill relish, sport peppers, cream cheese, onions, mayo, ketchup, brown mustard, chili, tomato slices, cheddar cheese, veggie chili or saurkraut. Hot dogs come with nifty rock ā€˜nā€™ roll influenced names, like the New York Dog, Sgt. Peppers, Syd Dog, Scorpians Dog, Los Lobos, or the Dylan. Fat sausages include the very spicy one with pork and beef, a cheese filled dog, or some fancy Sausage of the Day. Extras include fries, cheddar fries, chili fries, mozzarella sticks and Jalapeno peppers. Wine and beer ā€“ open late for the bar crowd. 4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, Oregon. 503-233-4616.